Retaining Walls

Among the best outdoor additions that you can have for your property are retaining walls. This is particularly true if your property was built on a slope or if you have areas with unstable soil. Such factors can be disastrous, especially if heavy rains or earthquake occurred.

At Woodlands Exterior Designs, we design and build sturdy retaining walls that could provide protection to various structures all around your property, as well as enhance its beauty. Call us now for more details.

Functions of Retaining Walls

Retaining WallsRetaining walls have been around for centuries, only proving that they are truly important to any property. The best-known function of a retaining wall is as a safety feature. Specifically, it prevents soil from accidentally eroding due to several factors such as gravity, heavy rain, earthquake, and the like. A retaining wall also binds earth belonging to two differing heights, mostly in areas with uneven slopes.

A lot of retaining walls serve specific purposes in engineering and building roads, farming, property development, landscaping, and many others. In landscaping, a retaining wall generally serves two main functions: soil retention and aesthetic enhancement. If your house or property sits close to a slope or hilly area with loose or unstable soil, it’s important to have a retaining wall system built around such area to prevent damages to your property and its structures. Meanwhile, a nicely built retaining wall can actually improve the overall look of any property, since it can be built using various materials that have decorative features.

The Quality of Our Retaining Walls

Here at Woodlands Exterior Designs, we design and create retaining walls of outstanding build and beauty. By using premium concrete blocks, we guarantee that every retaining wall we built will last a lifetime. These blocks are easy to install, durable, and very flexible design-wise. Aside from concrete blocks, we can also use brick or stones as chief materials for your retaining wall.

Retaining WallsMeanwhile, with the help of our talented design team, we can translate your design ideas into a stunning retaining wall that speaks a lot about your personal taste. We will give you as much leeway as possible when it comes to the materials and the design so you can have a truly personalized concrete structure.

Moreover, we can easily improve the aesthetics of your landscape with the installation of retaining walls with various designs and theme options. These choices allow us to effectively match your existing landscape theme and to provide your desired results.

Building Great Walls for Texas Property Owners

If you want to have stunning retaining walls that you can truly and proudly call your own, please feel free to contact us today.

With our decades of experience designing and building these outdoor structures, you are guaranteed to have aesthetically superior and durable walls that will also keep your property safe from damages due to soil erosion. And with our flexible rates, you’re sure to have the professional landscape installation services that you need depending on your budget.

Call us now and let us build you walls of the highest quality. We service Magnolia and other areas in the state of Texas.

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