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Our Services - Retaining Walls
  • Grass Sales, Installation & Delivery
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Our Services - DeliverWe deliver grass with our truck and "piggyback" forklift. The delivery charge is per trip and is based on the mileage to the site from our office on F.M.2978 and the number of pallets ordered. We will service any site in the Greater Houston Area, but we do have pallet minimums set for each area. In other words, we cannot travel large distances with minimal amounts of grass. We discourage our drivers from driving their forklift on loose dirt, mud, or anything that might cause them to get stuck. We warn that our forklifts often leave marks on driveways, and may cause damage to grass if we drive on it.

Our Services - Installation


So you don't want to get dirty? Perhaps you can't break free or your busy schedule. We can help! Our installation crew can lay your grass at a reasonable price at a time that is convenient for you. Just call 281-364-9750 and tell us how many square feet you want to cover and we can give you an accurate estimate over the phone. If additional work such as dirt work or old grass needs to be cleared from the site, we will send someone out to look at the site to give you and estimate based on your particular circumstances.

The cost of installation depends on several factors that include but are not limited to:

Our Services - Installation
  • The amount of preparation work needed. The site must be cleared and properly graded. If it is not, we will send someone out to look at the site to give an accurate estimate of what it will take to address those items.

  • Whether or not the area is accessible by forklift. If it is a backyard that is fenced in or other area that the forklift cannot access (the forklift needs approximately 9 feet of horizontal clearance and 10 feet of vertical clearance), then the grass must be wheel barrowed to the site. This increases the time and amount of work involved dramatically so we normally charge an additional $10.00 per pallet of grass that has to be wheel barrowed as opposed to grass that can be placed on the site by the forklift.

  • The distance the crew has to travel to get to the jobsite and the number of pallets to be installed.

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