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Your landscape is a combination of various elements; and creating outdoor spaces that look stunning and are functional, is a lot about ensuring that various features are used in the right proportion. That’s what helps create a balance in your yard or garden; and gives you the kind of areas you would be encouraged to use. However, this isn’t something that happens by chance. It takes a great deal of creativity and planning to ensure that the right elements are used in the project.

Water FeaturesWe at Woodlands Exterior Design Inc have been serving customers in and around The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, and Magnolia. Over the years, we have also built a very strong customer base across Conroe, Pinehurst, Tomball, Willis and Montgomery. While we have handled a large number of end-to-end landscaping projects, we also handle standalone water feature installation in your existing landscape.

Any kind of water feature adds a distinct charm to the outdoor spaces on your property. There are a number of elements you can choose from, but not every feature will look good in every landscape; this is why it’s important to choose these with care. We typically include these features as part of an overall landscape design and install project.

Types of Water Features

However, there are times when some of our customers want just a stone water fountain added to their landscape; and we would be able to do that too. Take a look at the different types of water features we can design and install for you:

  • Fountains - These features are always in high demand; and while you can opt for readymade ones, we can also provide tailor-made solutions if required. These could be made of stone, concrete and metal even. You can choose to get one large fountain installed as a focal point in the garden and get a smaller one installed in another part of the garden.
  • Waterfalls - These installations create a stunning ambience on any property. We can design rock waterfalls that could be styled on a casual or formal theme. In fact, if you like, we can also structure streams leading away from the waterfall and meandering through the garden. Some homeowners prefer pondless waterfalls and we can install those as well.
  • Ponds - Adding a pond to a yard will take a considerable amount of planning and detailing. This is especially true if you want a pond with fish and aquatic plants in it. If you want to add these elements to the pond, we would have to plan the placement of the feature very carefully. Koi ponds are a very popular feature now and we ensure you get exactly the kind of solutions you need.

Pond Installation Cost

You can speak with the Woodlands Exterior Design Incexperts at either of these numbers- 281-364-9750, 281-259-POOL. If you prefer, simply send us your pond deign project details via this online form, and we will contact you within the shortest possible time, for additional discussions. When you hire our services, you are assured of custom solutions that fit in perfectly into your budget.

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